An Everyday Silky Touch

My boyfriend is not a big fan of boxers, at least he was not. Few months ago I bought him a present. I bought him some nice silk boxers that I found online. I loved the picture, they seemed very hot and so I wanted to see my boyfriend wearing them. He is a bit muscular on the legs as he is working out and I was one hundred percent sure that he will look very sexy. On the other hand, the boxer’s design was unique. I never saw something like that in the magazines so I figured that this is a present he will love and I will love watching. So, I placed the order and waited impatiently few days to arrive. I placed the order on the as this is the website I mostly do my online shopping and here I can find many things that I can’t find in stores. Sometimes the quality is better than elsewhere so I really trust the producers here and the shipping process.

muške silk bokserice 2

I received a nice package, the boxers were nicely wrapped, they had no manufacture imperfections and they were perfect. I wrapped them again in some gift paper and went to my boyfriend’s place to give him his gift.

He was surprised to see I got him boxers as he once told me he didn’t like them so much. However, I told him to try them on as I really like the design and I wanted to see how they look on him the moment I saw it on the

He tried them on and returned me a big smile. That was the smile that made me think I did a good job on buying them. He said he didn’t like the color too much, but, overall, they feel great and they are comfortable. He also loved the low waistband. He hates it when his pants go down a bit and everyone could see his undies. He also said that the waistband isn’t much stretched so it is comfortable and doesn’t leave marks on the skin.

He put on some pants to see if they are visible through the material, but they are not as they are stretched.

The U shape gives him flexibility, so no worries on how tight they are as they are actually very flexible and comfortable. He also said that he can’t feel the material on his skin so that is what I was aiming for.

I will definitely buy more products form this producer because these boxers were my first and they were a hit! I am crazy about the price. It may seem expensive but they are good quality and resistant so I believe they deserve that price.

Well, my boyfriend looks very good in those boxers and I like the fact that they aren’t tight so he can freely move whenever he goes at the gym or when he rides his bike. I also washed them by hand to protect the material and they are very easy to wash. I love everything about them, they are an everyday silky touch to the man I love!